Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (2024)

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (1)


Rating: 5 stars


4/2018 - This was so good!!! i made it pretty much as directed but used Italian bread crumbs. I forgot the lemon wedges but didn't need it - SO good!! I also made the orzo recipe and it was fantastic. I did add a little more parm than called for.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (2)


Rating: 4 stars


We enjoyed this meal very much. It was fairly easy to make, and all the parts came together well (including the Parmesan Browned-Butter Orzo). I used panko in place of the bread crumbs for that extra crunch, and added some red pepper flakes. Italian seasoning would also be good. My chicken breasts were a bit larger than those called for (finding small chicken breasts seems nearly impossible these days) so it took a bit longer to cook, but it was still fairly fast-cooking. I also doubled the ingredients for the salad dressing, which worked perfectly and was quite tasty. All in all, a delicious, easy-to-put-together meal Recommended!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (3)


Rating: 2 stars


This was extremely boring. Even the salad was ho hum. Won't make again.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


First of all, I doubled the recipe for the salad dressing and only used 1 package of the spring mixed salad greens. I mixed together all but the olive oil and the pepper and let it sit for about 30 minutes instead of the 15 and it was just enough to cover the salad without making it get too soft and limp. -Delicious.

For the chicken, I used 6 T. flour to coat it at first and kept with only 1 egg whipped lightly. This covered about 3 pieces of chicken for me perfectly and was all that I needed. I used Japanese Panko Breadcrumbs with the cheese for the coating and found that it kept a perfect crunch- I did have to use more oil to fry the chicken in than called for, to avoid blackening (though I never do keep track of how much). Still- was not greasy in any way but perfectly crisp on the outside and moist in the center. I cooked it on low-mid heat (setting 4 if your high is a 10) for 10 minutes total and was delighted.

Overall, would definitely add some kind of extra side with the chicken and salad- we are thinking a baked sweet potato would be a great addition. A very light and tasty meal! Will definitely make this again!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (5)


Rating: 3 stars


This will make it into our salad selection of recipes, but won't be pulled out very often. Maybe when we've tired of the other ones and need something different. It wasn't bad, but wasn't special either. Kinda bland and boring.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (6)


Rating: 2 stars


This was so disappointing - the chicken, while nicely crunchy, was bland and boring. Certainly not worth the trouble when there are so many really good recipes out there. The salad dressing was very nice, but double (or triple) the recipe! I also made the orzo. I would give it 3 stars and would make it again.

The best thing I can say about this dinner is that the kitchen smelled great with the basil, cheese and lemons. Too bad the meal didn't fulfill the promise.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (7)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a delicious recipe! The chicken was flavorful and very tender. I also cut the flattened breasts in half before cooking. I loved the dressing for the greens. Just dressing and spring greens are all you need - at the time I couldn't find white wine vinegar, so I subbed Champagne vinegar and a little white wine - still tasty! I served this with rice pilaf instead of orzo. My family loved it! I'll definitely make it again. It helped me to use shallow dipping trays to make the chicken prep go faster.(I got mine from Pampered Chef.)

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (8)


Rating: 4 stars


Followed recipe exactly. Substituted romaine salad for spring greens salad

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (9)


Rating: 3 stars


Easy to make but creates a few dishes along the way. Good solid recipe but nothing to rave about

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


We love this recipe I make it about every other week. I double everything because it's really good the next day for Lunch also. Both my husband and son devor it everything I make it. Very light and easy to make.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (11)


Consistently delicious and surprisingly light, especially for summer. The chicken was organic and more than moist. Make sure you double the ingredients for the salad dressing. It's too little otherwise for a bag of greens. You're not adding that many calories and you're using the best olive oil.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (12)


Rating: 2 stars


This was just ok, a bit bland. I made the orzo that went along with it and it was boring. I doubt I'd make this again. There are many better, more flavorful recipes from CL that are similar.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (13)


Rating: 5 stars


My family loved this. They enjoyed the chicken--particularly the thinness and the crispness of the chicken. My boys (10 & 13) even liked the simple dressing for the greens. I too did the search for the orzo recipe and that was a hit as well. We rarely have orzo and the precooking of the orzo really brought out the flavor. We will definitely make this again.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (14)


Rating: 1 stars


Cool one

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


Easy and delicious. I'm not a big fan of chicken, but I love it like this. I made the lemon basil orzo to have as a side.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (16)


Rating: 5 stars


As near-vegetarians, this is one of the few recipes we will still make when entertaining the meat-eating portion of the family.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars


big fav at my house hubby and kids love it

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (18)


Rating: 4 stars


Love the flavor and the moistness of the chicken. I just don't know how anyone can brown the chicken to look like the photo with only 1 tablespoon of oil? Can someone please tell how it's done?

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (19)


Rating: 4 stars


I was looking for a different way to cook chicken for my family, and this definitely did the trick! My family loved it! One thing they kept saying was how moist the chicken was. I would definitely recommend squirting lemon on the chicken to brighten it. The recommended salad of spring greens and homemade lemon vinegarette dressing was easy to make and incredible to eat.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (20)


Rating: 5 stars


This turned out really delicious!! The greens... YUM! The flavor of the dressing was sort of amazing. The chicken was great. We will be making these again for sure.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (21)


Rating: 4 stars


Very simple, light flavors. My family loved it. My husband said it was perfectly cooked! I was surprised; it is not a spicy dish. My youngest son gobbled up the leftovers with barbecue sauce. I did add some Italian seasoning to the bread crumb mixtures.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (22)


Rating: 4 stars


To start with, in answer to jepers question I usually find orzo in a bulk food store, a health food store, or some grocerie stores. I liked this recipe and plan to make it for my parents next weekend. The changes I made were I skipped the vinegar and I never use salt in cooking as there's salt in other foods we eat. I paired this recipe with Jasmin rice and mixed vegetables mixed in.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (23)


Rating: 1 stars


Why can I never find the 'go-with', in this case the orzo that everyone's raving about? Do I need to know the secret handshake? Very irritating. Don't know how the chicken is - sounds good, but not terribly different or new. What really appealed to me was the combo with the orzo.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (24)


Rating: 5 stars


This was very good. I used whole wheat panko breadcrumbs, champagne vinegar, and Wegmans pan-searing flour. I did need to finish the chicken in the oven, and served it sliced on top of the salad. I did not serve this with the recommended orzo because it would have brought this meal to over 600 calories...which in my opinion is too much for anyone "cooking light". I would make this again.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (25)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this menu (chicken , orzo & salad) last nite for dinner & I must say it is an excellent & easy weeknight dinner. The orzo was a hit & my husband, who doesnt care for lemon that much really liked the salad. I did season the flour with salt & pepper & added a bit of parsley to the breadcrumbs (I used Panko). I also used the leftover shallot in the orzo. Will for sure make again!!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (26)


Rating: 4 stars


I thought the meal as a whole was really good. I'm not sure the chicken could stand on it's own without the orzo or some kind of sauce, but with the orzo, it was fantastic. I am also a little annoyed that I had to hunt for the orzo recipe. They couldn't link to it directly from this recipe? Then when I found it (as part of the menu) it didn't have a normal recipe structure. Annoying!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (27)


Rating: 5 stars


The chicken was awesome. It was very easy. I served it with the orzo, which was also delicious! NOTE: this was the first time I prepared orzo like this, so figuring out the timing for both was a bit time I will get the orzo going first (since it takes a total of about 20 minutes) and then do the chicken in the meanwhile.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (28)


Rating: 5 stars


We loved this meal! Only made the chicken and orzo because my kids don't eat salad. They were both tasty, the orzo was fabulous! Letting the chicken sit in the bread coating for 5 minutes did help seal the coating and keep it from completely falling off. Would make this again!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (29)


Rating: 4 stars


This was nice, easy and great for a summer meal. I did add some slices of my husbands homegrown tomatoes and that made it a 5 star recipe!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (30)


Rating: 3 stars


Really nice dinner and a great weeknight meal. Even my guy approved of this one.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (31)


Rating: 4 stars


Delicious, simple recipe for any occasion. The salad was light and refreshing. The orzo pasta, as recommended by cooking light, was fabulous. The chicken flavor was good, except when I cooked it in a stainless steel pan all the breading stuck. Next time I'll use a non-stick pan and a tad more oil. Really yummy overall, though.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (32)


Rating: 3 stars


I thought this was super easy and fast and very tasty. My family wasn't wild about the dressing, but I liked it. I baked my breaded chicken tenders instead of pan frying and they came out moist and tender.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (33)


Rating: 5 stars


This is such an easy recipe and tastes really good, I have already made it 3 times and it turns out perfect every time!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (34)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a wholly complete meal with the salad and the Parmesan-Browned Butter Orzo. I added more herbs and seasonings to the breading. My 2 year old likes the chicken cut up as chicken fingers and thinks the orzo is rice which she loves. A definite family pleaser.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (35)


Rating: 4 stars


I loved the crisp on the chicken! The breading could stand on its own, but I made a random honey mustard sauce (dijon + honey + a dash of Worcestershire sauce). I made arborio rice instead, but followed the instruction for that-- squeeze lemon on it. The salad was good, and had a complimentary dressing. I would make again.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (36)


Rating: 4 stars


Easy meal, though it does take quite a few dishes to make it. I made it exactly as written and my husband loved it, but I might try using lemon pepper next time on the chicken. The salad is fantastic.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (37)


Rating: 4 stars


I only made the chicken, not the salad or the orzo (although it looks delish, I wish I had remembered to buy orzo!). It was really good. Next time I'll add some garlic powder to the bread crumb mixture. I made it with some long grain and wild rice and a cesar salad.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (38)


Rating: 5 stars


The chicken was very good. I did add some garlic and onion powder to the breadcrumbs for some extra flavor since there didn't seem to be much seasoning on the chicken. The salad dressing was super easy and was very light and refreshing. It was all suprisingly quick too.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (39)


Rating: 4 stars


Very simple food, which is always best. Carolie.....the recipe for the orzo is found in the Cooking Light magazine that the recipe was featured in.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (40)


Rating: 4 stars


It sounds great. I haven't cooked it yet but in answer to the question, the recipe for the orzo can be found on the Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens page in the menu section. Type Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens into the search box and then choose the link that shows the menu rather than the one that shows recipe. This works for a lot of the side dish recipes that accompany Cooking Light recipes in the magazine.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (41)


Rating: 3 stars


It sounds delicious, but I see orzo in the photo, I read orzo in three of the reviews, and the calories (402 per serving) seem to reflect orzo (it can't be that 6 oz of chicken and some salad greens is 402 calories!) but I can't find ANY mention of orzo in the recipe! Help!

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (42)


Rating: 4 stars


This was great. Basically made to directions. Cut the flattened chicken breasts in two, made them easier to handle in the pan. Added a bit more flavor with some with dried Italian herb blend (from a grinder) before coating. Lightly sprayed tops of chicken pieces with olive oil just before putting in the pan. Cooked the leftover shallot with the orzo. Served with crisp-steamed asparagus & white wine. Lovely presentation and wonderful combo of flavors.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (43)


Rating: 3 stars


I made this this past weekend with my boyfriend. The chicken turned out well, and we would make it again. The orzo was OKAY, but not spectacular. Perhaps we made a mistake, but overall the orzo wasn't anything too impressive. The salad dressing mix for the mixed greens went over well with my boyfriend. He loved the flavors of the dressing, and wants that to be a staple recipe. This is appropriate for everyday meals. We did not alter anything, aside from adding a tiny bit extra olive oil when cooking the chicken.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (44)


Rating: 3 stars


The brown butter Orzo which accompanied the recipe was excellent, but the chicken could have used a sauce of some kind. Would make the orzo again, would not make the chicken.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (45)


Rating: 4 stars


Made this with the orzo and it was a really light refreshing meal! My 2 yr old even ate the chicken cut up like fingers.

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens Recipe (2024)
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