Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (2024)

Hosting a Super Bowl party? These Super Bowl party ideas will give you everything you need to host a winning party! Whether your team wins or loses, you’ll still be a champion with these amazing Super Bowl Party games, Super Bowl party food menu, and more!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (1)

Easy Super Bowl Party Ideas

With the Kansas City Chiefs being in the Super Bowl (go Chiefs) for the fourth time in five years, I know a little bit about hosting an epic Super Bowl party. Living in Kansas City has definitely had it’s football perks the past few years!

Last Vegas on Super Bowl weekend is going to be a great place to be! But if you can’t be there – then you might as well host the best Super Bowl party!

So whether you’re rooting for the Chiefs (like me), the San Francisco 49ers, the commercials, or even just hoping to get a glimpse at Taylor Swift watching Travis Kelce play – this post has everything you need to throw for an incredible Super Bowl party!

I’ve got everything from Super Bowl party food to Super Bowl party games, decorations, and even favor ideas! There are ideas that will keep the football fans, the commercial fans, and even the people just rooting for a good love story happy!

Super Bowl Party Food

When you’re planning your Super Bowl party food menu think comfort food. Chilis, appetizers, and wings all make a big appearance across the country on Super Bowl Sunday so stick with that.

Then add a few football themed party food items to finish off your menu with a bang! Here are a few ideas to get you started that’ll keep even the pickiest football fans happy!

Or celebrate the biggest sporting event of the year with one of these Super Bowl charcuterie boards – they’re a great way to serve up plenty of snacks with some style! It’s the upgraded version of a snack stadium for this year! Great food means a great party!

Chicken Minis

Take a page out of the Chick Fil-A playbook and make these copycat chicken minis that taste just like everyone's favorite chicken nuggets! And the best part is that you can make them fresh on Super Bowl Sunday (since Chick-Fil-A is closed Sundays).

Check it out!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

The best spinach artichoke dip ever! It's easy to make and seriously the most delicious dip ever! It's always a huge hit with a lot of people (pretty much all) and best of all, it's easy to make for a big party! Plus, this easy dip is good warm or cold!

Check it out!

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Potato Skins Recipe

This buffalo chicken stuffed potato skins recipe is one of the best appetizer recipes ever! It’s easy, quick to make, and loaded with homemade buffalo chicken filling!Serve them with sour cream or a ranch dip for the ultimate snack for sports fans! They're the next best thing to having a full baked potato bar!

Check it out!

Soft Pretzel Bites

These soft pretzel bites are a homemade version of everyone’s favorite snack! Make salted pretzel bites or cinnamon sugar bites, or even both! They’re delicious, simple to make, and the ultimate crowd pleaser. Extra points if you make a variety of flavors for people to try!

Check it out!

Layered Taco Dip with Meat

This layered taco dip combines layers of the best homemade taco meat, caramelized corn, black olives, and lots of cheese for one amazingly delicious appetizer!It's a delicious food that works great for a large crowd!

Check it out!

Easy Pizza Roll Ups

Wrap your favorite pizza toppings in crescent rolls, brush with butter and spices, and enjoy pizza in a bite-sized form! Enjoy these pizza roll ups as game day appetizers or a quick dinner the entire family will love! Plus, they're finger foods so no utensils required!

Check it out!

Cheddar Pigs in a Blanket

A delicious cheddar pigs in a blanket recipe that uses cheese and flaked salt to elevate this delicious appetizer! Serve them with a homemade sauce for the ultimate game day snack! These are the perfect addition to any football buffet table and are the perfect finger foods!

Check it out!

Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped Smokies

These 4-ingredient bacon wrapped smokies make the perfect appetizer for any occasion! Lil smokies wrapped with bacon and brushed with a hot honey and brown sugar glaze then baked to perfection! These are one of my favorite party foods to add to a Super Bowl party spread!

Check it out!

Crockpot Grape Jelly Meatballs

These crock pot grape jelly meatballs are a delicious appetizer that takes very little work! Frozen meatballs combined with grape jelly, chili sauce, and a few other ingredients make these an appetizer that'll disappear fast! One of our favorite Super Bowl snacks!

Check it out!

Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings

These garlic parmesan wings are crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and full of amazing flavor! They're first tossed in oil for a crispy coating, baked, then finished with a delicious butter garlic sauce and fresh parmesan. Is it really Super Bowl without chicken wings after all?

Check it out!

Easy Queso Fundido

This queso fundido recipe combines homemade pork chorizo with delicious spices and ooey gooey cheese for one amazing dip! Perfect for watching any sports event, especially Super Bowl! Plus, who doesn't love cheesy dips?

Check it out!

Homemade Chex Mix

This yummy oven Chex Mix combines Chex cereal, pretzels, bagel chips, and more in one delicious salty party mix! Plus, it's easy to make for a big part with lots of people!

Check it out!

Homemade Pepperoni Rolls

These homemade pepperoni rolls are a great alternative to normal pizza! They’re crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and absolutely delicious! A better way to enjoy pizza!

Check it out!

Best White Bean Chicken Chili

Everyone will love this chili cook-off winning creamy white chicken chili recipe with its delicious flavor from caramelized corn and spices! There's no better way to enjoy the Super Bowl than with a bowl of this chili! And like I said, good food means a good party!

Check it out!

Easy Cincinnati Chili Recipe

A delicious Cincinnati chili that tastes just as good as the real stuff you'd find in Cincinnati! The best way to enjoy it on hot dogs as cheese coneys or on pasta! It's one of the best chili recipes you'll ever try!

Check it out!

Buffalo Chicken Roll Ups

These easy buffalo chicken roll ups combine the traditional buffalo chicken dip flavors with a crisp and flavorful flatbread outside. They're a great idea if you like buffalo chicken dip but want something heartier than dip!

Check it out!

Pizza Loaf

One of my family’s all-time favorites, braid pizza toppings inside pizza tough for one of the ultimate game day foods! Always a hit with both kids and adults. Don’t forget the pizza dipping sauces!

Check it out!

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip

The easiest baked buffalo chicken dip! Cream cheese, buffalo chicken, and ranch dressing are layered together then baked into a creamy, cheesy, and delicious dip! Every avid football fan knows that football and buffalo chicken dip go hand in hand! Serve it with bread, crackers, or my favorite tortilla chips!

Check it out!

Spinach Artichoke Cups

These spinach artichoke cups combine a crunchy wonton cup with a creamy spinach artichoke dip filling! A fun way to serve spinach artichoke dip at a big bash!

Check it out!

English Muffin Pizza Recipe

Start with delicious and fresh English muffins then let everyone choose their own toppings for a meal that's sure to please everyone including the kids! And you'll get major hosting points for letting people customize their food!

Check it out!

Broccoli Cheese Bites

Broccoli cheese sounds healthy right? Right! So you’d think these wouldn’t fit on a Super Bowl party table. And you’d be totally wrong – they’re often the first thing to go, especially when you pair them with cute little signs (free printables included in the post).

Check it out!

Easy Calzone Recipe

Make this easy calzone recipe in minutes with a little pizza dough, pizza toppings, and an oven. Whether you're making a pepperoni calzone pizza or a buffalo chicken calzone, these will be a winner!

Check it out!

Bacon Cheese Bites

These bacon cheese stuffed bites can be designed to look like footballs and fit right onto any Super Bowl food spread!

Check it out!

Bisquick Sausage Balls

These super simple sausage balls are always a crowd favorite, especially when served with a crowd-pleasing dip! A definite must for your Super Bowl spread.

Check it out!

Vevleeta Sausage Dip

I couldn't write this post without including a Velveeta cheese dip for the big day! This is one of those great options for everyone because it has some spice but not heat!

Check it out!

Taylor Swift Inspired Foods

I couldn't write a post on Super Bowl party ideas for this year without including a nod to Taylor Swift. And this isn't just a nod, this is a post with almost 100 different Taylor Swift foods and drinks inspired by her lyrics, her songs, and her actions! We're talking friendship bracelets, paper onion rings, and more! These are perfect for a Swiftie inspired watch party! I'll be saying go Kelce but if you're more of a go Taylor's boyfriend kind of person, these ideas are for you!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Party Desserts

Even though Super Bowl food tends to be more about the savory dishes, we can’t forget the sweet stuff! Here are some delicious Super Bowl party desserts to add to this year’s menu!

Football Cookies

These fun football cookies are one of my favorite Super Bowl party food ideas because they're just so darn cute! And easy to make too! Get a head start on these cookies by buying store-bought sugar cookies and just decorating to look like a football stadium.

Check it out!

Brownie Batter Dip

This brownie batter dip is creamy and full of amazing chocolate flavor! And unlike other brownie dips, this one first cooks the brownie batter with milk to avoid the gritty texture of most brownie batters! Simply add some white chocolate chips on top to give it the look of football laces!

Check it out!

Easy Brownie Balls Recipe

These super easy brownie balls are a chocolate lover’s dream! Brownies combined with chocolate frosting then covered in melted chocolate make these a decadent treat. Add white laces to the the top to make them look like footballs for next level football treats!

Check it out!

Snickers Poke Cake Recipe

This Snickers poke cake combines the the flavors of a Snickers candy bar all in one delicious cake! If you love chocolate, caramel, and Snickers, you're going to love this cake! It'll definitely get you feeling some major team spirit!

Check it out!

Chocolate Dr Pepper Cake

This Dr. Pepper cake can easily be cut into the shape of football and topped with white frosting laces for the ultimate football cake! Perfect for enjoying throughout the entire event!

Check it out!

Sweet Chex Mix

While not technically a Super Bowl dessert, homemade chex mix is one of my favorite Super Bowl recipes so adding a sweet one to this list was a no brainer. I promise your party guests will love it!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (34)

Chocolate Caramel Chex Mix

Anything that has chocolate, caramel, and marshmallows is good in my boat. This chex mix recipe is one you need to try!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (35)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs

You’ll never believe how easy it is to make these delicious football strawberries! You can make them almost as quickly as they’ll get eaten – almost!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (36)

Super Bowl Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ll give you a hint – add the football lines onto anything brown and it’ll look like a football! These ice cream sandwiches are a fun treat you could handout during the game or during half time since they’ll melt on your table!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (37)

Football Dirt Cups

These yummy football cup of dirts will be perfect for kids and grown-up kids! Simply mix Oreos, pudding, and frosting then top with cookie football for one delicious handheld treat.

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (38)

Football Rice Krispy Treats

Is there anything better than rice krispy treats? They’re my personal favorite treat and these football ones make them even better!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (39)

Dessert Football

This dessert football dip is easy to make with just a few ingredients! Serve with sweet treats like vanilla wafers, graham crackers, or even something savory like pretzels!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (40)

Team Inspired Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Make chocolate covered pretzels that represent your team’s colors! Get the tutorial for perfect chocolate covered pretzels here.

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (41)

Football Cupcakes

Making football cupcakes is as easy as perfecting the art of the football frosting! And a delicious chocolate cupcake of course!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Party Games

You may be saying hey we are having a party to watch the game, not play games right? Well yeah you’re right but also, there’s no harm in planning a game or two to up the fun of watching the game! It’s especially important for whoever’s team isn’t winning. No one wants to watch hours of football when your teams is losing!

Just choose your Super Bowl party games carefully. If you want something you can play during the game, go with one of the printable games like bingo. Want something to play before or entertain kids during the game, pick one of the more active ones!

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

This is the #1 most popular Super Bowl game on my site and for good reason. Play bingo while you watch the commercials – first one to bingo wins! And these are all updated specifically for this year’s Super Bowl commercials! It’s one of our favorite games!

Check it out!

Or if you want Super Bowl commercial bingo cards but not ones specific to the actual commercials (more generic like a dog, a horse, etc.) try these game day bingo cards instead! They always make for a fun event!

Pick a Play Super Bowl Game

This Super Bowl game should be part of your game plan because it's easy, fun, and perfect for any age or level of football fan! Players just have to try to predict which play is coming next to win a prize!

Check it out!

Super Scorers Game

This is another good for everyone and easy to setup type of Super Bowl game and it's one of the easiest ways to get people engaged in the game if their team isn't (or is) playing. Everyone gets assigned a player and if that player scores, they win!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Cities Trivia Game

With the main event this year being between Kansas City and San Francisco, this fun city versus city game would be the perfect start to a winning party, especially because you don't need to know anything about football to win!

Check it out!

Football Bingo

Want something that works for any football game – not just Super Bowl? Try this football bingo game instead that has you looking for things like a punt, missed field goal, and one handed catch! This version is good for any football game, not just Super Bowl! They’re great for any game day celebration!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Guessing Game

See who can guess the most things correct about the game – coin toss winner, first team to score, team that’ll be ahead at halftime, and more in this fun – anyone can win – guessing game! They’re perfect for a little friendly competition!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Trivia Game

See who knows their Super Bowl trivia with this fun printable game! Or print out the Super Bowl trivia cards and just leave them out for people to ask each other! This one may not be for little kids, but it’s sure fun!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Party Games (Skills Challenges)

These Super Bowl party games only take a minute to play, making them perfect for a halftime break if you don’t want to watch the show! These Super Bowl games are hilarious and perfect for any age.

Check it out!

Football Scavenger Hunt

This one is just for the kids but a really fun one to get out some of the energy before the game starts! Use the pre-written clues to send kids around the house on this quarterback sneak football scavenger hunt!

Check it out!

Football Toss

See who can toss small items like Goldfish, pennies, or little football erasers and get them to land on lines on the football field made with white duct tape. This one’s easy, fun, and just as hard for adults as it is for kids!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Squares Game

See who’s name is in the lucky square at the end of each quarter and half! It’s a random winner but that’s half the fun! A Super Bowl tradition for the biggest game of the year!

Check it out!

First and Bowl

See who knock over water bottles with football labels by bowling mini footballs at them! With the crazy shape of the football, this is harder than it looks! Get an extra point by knocking them all down at once!

Check it out!

Football Games for Kids

Need more fun game ideas? These games are great for kids (or grown up kids!). Perfect for keeping kids entertained during the game or to play before while you’re tailgating! They all have a football theme and would be great for a football party or Super Bowl Sunday!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Party Decorations

I’ve hosted quite a few Super Bowl parties in the past few years and there are some pretty common themes across them. Think football colors like brown, green, and white and football decorations like football fields, yellow flags, field goals, playbooks, and more!

Here are just a few of the most creative ideas I’ve seen. Want more ideas? Check out all my Super Bowl party ideas here.

Football Party Printables

A free set of football printables generic enough it doesn’t matter which team you’re rooting for. Plus, tons of great football party tips!

Check it out!

Colorful Super Bowl Party

This colorful party is my favorite because it’s so non-traditional! There are free printables in NFL team colors (including the teams who will play in the Super Bowl this year) that include a printable banner, cupcake toppers, and food labels. And tons of cute and easy Super Bowl decoration ideas from Play Party Plan.

Check it out!

DIY Football Field Table

Make your own football field tablecloth and field goals with this simple tutorial. It’s the perfect way to setup your own big competition between appetizers and desserts! Set this up in your living room for a fully themed football table!

Check it out!

DIY Field Goal Post

A Super Bowl party isn’t complete without your very own field goal posts. See how to make your own in minutes with this field goal post tutorial! You could even temporarily add them to a cornhole game to make football-themed cornhole to tailgate!

Check it out!

Build Your Own Nacho Bar

Get all the fixings for nachos and let people make their own delicious combinations! Even better if you setup a bar with plays (aka nacho combinations) to get them started! A nacho bar is an easy way to feed a crowd without a lot of work!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (60)

DIY Super Bowl Party Banner

This felt banner takes minutes to make and can add a huge statement to any Super Bowl party!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (61)

Football Mason Jars

These football inspired mason jars are so easy to make! Just a little paint and chalk can add a really fun element to any party! Plus, those straws would make any Super Bowl drinks even better!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (62)

DIY Super Bowl Trophy

Play a fun game and give out this DIY football trophy to the winner! It’s the next best thing to your team actually winning the game!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (63)

Football Paper Chain

Use this free football paper chain printable to add a fun football themed decoration to anywhere or everywhere in your house!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (64)

Balloon Field Goal Backdrop

Make a big statement with balloons! Use balloons to create a field goal post, food labels, and just add extra football decorations (you can buy Super Bowl party supplies online) to the big game! This is easily one of the most creative Super Bowl party ideas I’ve seen!

Check it out!

Brilliant Super Bowl Party Ideas (2024)
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